Accessibility harmonisation of inland ports
in the German-Czech section of the OEM corridor

Background of the pilot action 

The Elbe ports in Saxony and Ústecký kraj have succeeded in establish­ing themselves as competitive locations for the transhipment of goods. Due to the general nature of these ports, their geographical location, their ability to handle all types of goods and their multimodality, there is an essential interest in connecting the ports to the Orient/East-Med corridor. In the coming years, the focus will be on improving the accessibility of the ports for road pre- and onward carriage to rail and ship transport. This will contribute significantly contribution to the expansion of an environmentally friendly infrastructure. 

Description of the pilot action 

The pilot action shows the currently possible routes for heavy goods transport as well as planned infrastructure measures in the catchment area of the ports. This allows to visualise existing deficits in the accessibility of the ports and to initiate change processes to improve the competitiveness of the ports. At present, the number of routes is limited and the improvement of infrastructure is urgently needed. It is necessary to consider the inland ports in future road infrastructure planning, to find cross-border solutions and take them into account in future spatial planning. Also, a trailer port concept is being developed for the port of Dresden to contribute to easing the bottleneck on the Elbe valley route between Dresden and Ústí nad Labem. 

Expected results 

  • Preparation of maps on planned road infrastructure projects with effects on the transport of heavy goods and large volume transports
  • Mapping of the accessibility of the ports (30/60/90 min)
  • Derivation of recommendations for measures to improve accessibility
  • Concept of a trailer port in the port of Dresden

Work package

Multimodal freight transport pilot actions complementing OEM corridor development


Improving the accessibility and connectivity of inland ports

Pilot region

Free State of Saxony
Ústí Region


SBO Saxon Saxon Inland Ports Upper Elbe

Pilot budget

38.250,00 EUR

Period of implementation

07/2019 - 06/2021

Further Information

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