The activities carried out in the project, news from Croatia

The AMIIGA project is conceived as a project to improve groundwater quality control which is used for water supply and preserve its quality. In the frame of the project a hydrogeological database was created, new equipment for water quality analysis was obtained, numerical models were produced to analyze the course and the speed of groundwater flows and regional groups were constituted. It was developed a hydrogeological data base (Picture 1) in which all the data of investigations conducted so far are systematized. 
Data base will help to manage groundwater resources because the quantity and quality of water are clearly shown in one place.

New equipment, which was co-financed by European Union funds from the European Regional Development Fund, was also procured. The equipment is used to analyze the quality of water, which significantly enhances the quality of analytical control of the affected groundwater, and it will be easier and faster to detect the possible occurrence of pollution.