The 3rd meeting of AMIIGA was held at the Technical University of Liberec

It has been a three days meeting - from 6 to 8 March - very participated, intense and full of ideas and suggestions. There were 35 participants: technicians and experts representing the 12 project partners.
An important event, this of Liberec, because it has been programmed as a moment of analysis and common evaluation of the project’s current state. AMIIGA  is in fact almost halfway through its journey. At  the point where one can begin to draw a first balance. Evaluating the effectiveness of strategies and approaches. Not in a generic way, but entering into the specifics of the tools and practices tested. An accurate examination of the results obtained and at the same time a precise research for revisions and adjustments. Both in terms of communication, economic balance and, above all, in its technical  aspects (to know more, see the next Newsletter). 
The meeting was opened and introduced by  Mr Miroslav Cernik – the  AMIIGA project manager for TUL;  Mr Grzegorz Gzyl – the project leader,  has presented the mid-term report, highlighting what has been done up to now and what remains to be done. 
The status of the work was discussed, with regard to the 7 pilot sites, which are currently underway and which must be implemented. Proposals and suggestions were concentrated on the necessary implementations, while the results and the next objectives of the various pilot actions were illustrated by the individual partners. With particular emphasis on progress and slowdowns within their respective WPs and in view of the upcoming mid-term review (the 12th of June): an appointment that’s very important and therefore must be prepared with the maximum care. Even in terms of timely communication between partners .