Parma, Italy

Proactive participation of stakeholders in Parma

On 24th May the stakeholders of the functional urban area of Parma met to discuss the collection of chemical and hydrogeological data, the definition of the functional urban area (FUA) and the preparation of the web-GIS. 

Duc RIG on 24.05 in Parma Municipality

Duc Rig on 24.05 in Parma Municipality

It was the fifth meeting with stakeholders in Parma since the start of AMIIGA , the first with all current members of the so-called Regional Implementation Group, the local group of stakeholders that partners of AMIIGA have set up: the participative approach is a cornerstone of efficient environmental management and it is essential when working at FUA scale. 

Representatives of municipalities, regional authority (associated partner to AMIIGA), agency for environmental protection, university, enterprises association defined the territorial and administrative boundaries of the FUA; they also identified other stakeholders and municipalities that could be involved in the project.

 Marani of Parma Municipality

Geologist Marco Ghirardi, Engineer Sandra Vasin from Stuttgart and Patrizia Marani of Parma Municipality

Dr. Sandra Vasin, expert from the City of Stuttgart,  also participated in the meeting. She highlighted that AMIIGA applies the concept of integrated management plan to contaminated sites; its aim is to develop a holistic view, by understanding the system and related processes, to set priorities and targets of remediation and to define ‘smart’ interventions.

The meeting was organized by geologist Marco Ghirardi of the Municipality of Parma and took place in the premises of the Municipality.