Pilot Action 2 Updates: Ljubljana-Ig

Pilot Action FUA Ljubljana – Ig focuses on four most important sources and types of pollutants, as follows: the industrial area of Stegne - Hrastje (hexavalent chromium), the city core with losses from the sewage Dravlje - Moste (nitrate and emerging pollutants), the urban landfill of non-hazardous waste Barje (boron), and the hinterland of the town of Iška aluvial fan - Brest with a plume of pollution from the past agricultural activity (desetylatrazine).

The pollution with desetylatrazine in Brest has currently the highest priority in terms of drinking water supply and the selection of effective remediation measures since the maximum concentrations of the pollutant have moved to a depth of 15 to 30 m, the mass of the pollutant and the concentration being reduced extremely slowly, over a period of several decades, or centuries.

In the first half of AMIIGA the investigations were carried out in pilot area, plumes from contaminated sites were set up more precisely and concentrations within those. For this we used the following methods and tools: QGIS database tool, conventional quantitative laboratory analytics of basic macro elements and significant contaminants, passive sampling, laboratory chemical analysis below LOQ/LOD (“Analytic till zero”), multivariate statistics, Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA), Biomolecular tools (BMT), temporal and spatial trends statistical analysis (HYPE, GWSDAT), numerical modelling, backtracking, pressure and impact analysis, and risk analysis from drinking water supply perspective

Work is continuing intensely on drafting management plan to establish remedial and other measures that will effectively and efficiently preserve or even improve the quality of groundwater, so that it can be used for the supply of drinking water even in the coming decades without cleaning and treatment.

Images: Progress on understanding the complex set of issues affecting the quality of groundwater and delineation of FUA Ljubljana - Ig (first - at the start of AMIIGA; second – today).