Milan, Italy

Regional plans for the management of diffuse contamination

Angelo Elefanti and Eng. Marina Bellotti of Lombardy Region

AMIIGA was presented by Eng. Angelo Elefanti  and Eng. Marina Bellotti of Lombardy Region, partner of AMIIGA, at the national seminar on diffuse pollution in groundwater held in Milan on 22 June 2017. 
Representatives of Italian National Public Administrations, Regional Authorities, Regional Environmental Agencies and Integrated Water Services and Universities attended the seminar. 
The focus of the meeting was to present and share between regional authorities and national institutions the progress achieved by the regional plans for diffuse contamination in various regions. Participants also discussed methodologies to identify the diffuse contamination in urban areas, different approaches to planning and implementation, the national regulation for remediation, the impact on health, the risk assessment of inhalation of tetrachloroethylene and carbon tetrachloride. 
Angelo Elefanti and Marina Bellotti presented the project and the activities in the functional urban area of Milan. In this FUA one of the pilot actions of AMIIGA in working on diffuse and site-specific contamination.

The colleagues also presented the Regional Plan on diffuse contamination and the first regional technical Coordination table for north-east Milan, which has promoted remediation measures of diffuse pollution approved by DGR 6737/2017. The project AMIIGA supports and enhance the implementation of this Regional Plan.  
The seminar was organized by the Directorate General for Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development of Lombardy Region, in collaboration with Arpa, the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea and Éupolis Lombardia. 

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the Regional Plan of Lombardy Region on diffuse contamination