Groundwater levels significatly decreased in Stuttgart Feuerbach

In February 2017, large-scale measurements of groundwater levels were performed in 210 wells in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, with the goal to investigate the current flow and to obtain a good basis for hydraulic characterisation. These measurements provided also the possibility to compare the situation on the field with the last investigation performed in 2011.
As a result, in the south-west area of the pilot Stuttgart-Feuerbach, the groundwater levels decreased for several meters compared with the situation in 2011. In particular, in the fourth aquifer (Bochinger Horizont) the groundwater levels decreased for more than 8 m. These results have an enormous relevance for the further measures.
Feuerbach is the site where the State Capital of Stuttgart is implementing the pilot action of AMIIGA: the optimization of the monitoring network by the selection and installation of proper monitoring wells. Wells are being located to capture and describe the integral contaminant situation. The efficient monitoring network will further enable a reduction of long-term monitoring and remediation costs.