AMIIGA is a project pulling together 12 partners from central Europe all with an interest in improving the quality of groundwater, especially of former industrial brownfield sites, by treating urban cores and their surroundings as one unit. 

Groundwater pollution is a common problem in urban areas in central Europe. This type of pollution poses a particular challenge because of mixed contamination, often coming from unknown sources. Additional complexity is due to the fact that groundwater has no respect for international or local boundaries, and pollution often flows from cities to the hinterland or the other way round. Much progress has been made in urban environment management in Europe, but little progress in tackling groundwater pollution in the wider territorial dimension of cities and their surroundings. 

Effective strategies and approaches for groundwater management and mitigation of pollution are key for improving the quality of life in central Europe.


AMIIGA aims to improve the planning, management and decision making capacity of the public sector for the groundwater management. The project focuses on multiple characterization, assessment and management strategies.  AMIIGA will develop innovative tools for the selection of cost-effective and proportional remedial options and integrated tools for the strategic management across local administrative borders, tested through specifically selected pilot activities.


This is a three-year project running between September 2016 – August 2019.   







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Pilot Action 6

Jaworzno, Poland: Passive groundwater treatment by bioreactive wall in FUA
 It  will apply passive groundwater treatment system: an innovative bioreactive wall with monitoring infrastructure. The wall will be placed across the plume of pesticides in the groundwater. It will also include microbial inocula for increasing the natural attenuation processes of pollutants biodegradation.
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