Traffic model

The detailed traffic model of FUAs (FUA – Function Urban Area) is imported from each town traffic models. The model incudes towns Opava, Ostrava, Opole, Rybnik and Žilina. Described town models are based on real traffic counts and mobility surveys. The traffic models include the towns development and the vision projects. The partners from mentioned towns (FUAs) are responsible for providing the GIS files of the traffic models.

obr 1

The AIRTRITIA traffic model has been processed in software PTV Vision – Visum. Visum is the comprehensive software for advanced transportation planning – assignment and matrix estimation on regional and urban networks for private and public transport. 


The final traffic model has follow statistics:

  • number of nodes:           31 193,
  • number of links:              74 960,
  • number of zones:            915.

Using of traffic models is an important element in the detailed modelling of air quality. The traffic model covers existing traffic models for passenger and freight transport. The traffic model has been the main input for the generalized emission model. 

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