AIR TRITIA – clean air in the heart of Europe

Conference title: “AIR TRITIA – clean air in the heart of Europe“

Date: 24th November 2020

Venue: Brick House – Ostrava, Dolní oblast Vítkovice z.s. Vítkovice 3004, 703 00 Ostrava 3


Polluted air is one of the greatest challenges faced by the representatives of various regions in Europe. The harmful substances suspended in air are the cause of a number of negative effects on human health, at the same time generating rising social and economic costs. As country borders are no borders for polluted air, it is necessary to develop instruments, strategies, and procedures aiming to reduce the pollution on an international scale. As part of the AIR TRITIA project, we have selected particular solutions for the Czech-Polish-Slovak cross-border region, which has experienced serious air quality problems for a long time now. During the conference that we are organising, the participants will have a chance to become familiar with the results of the analysis of the problem, based on modelling and its further registration by measurement. Moreover, we are going to present specific monitoring instruments for recording and predicting pollution and its causes. The conference will focus on the causes of the problem as well as on the selected strategies and methods of solving the problem, which are considered efficient for the environment and human health, also from the socio-economic perspective.


It’s time for clean air!


More information about the conference will soon be available on the AIR TRITIA project website and its social media FB and TWITTER