The  application  of  3D Scanning in the field of R&D

1.Name of the event, implementing date and place

Name: 3D szkennelés alkalmazási lehetőségei az RD területén-
ENG: The application of 3D Scanning in the field of R&D

Date: 1st April 2021 16:00-17:30

Place: ONLINE, Microsoft TEAMS

Language: Hungarian

2.Number and types of participants/target groups

Two colleagues from am-LAB (PBN’s DIH) were moderating the event and the project manager of 4STEPS also participated on the workshop.

The invitation was sent to the teachers and students of the Budapest University Of Technology And Economics, so education players attended to the meeting.

All in all, 30 participants tookpart in the meeting, including PBN/am-LAB representatives and representatives from the higher educational group as well.

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