Digital skills in education

  • Date: 13.4.2021
  • Place: On-line, Zoom

Topics tackled and links to deliverables, outputs

The workshop was focused on digital skills in education and dealing with talents and teams in the digital age. Two presenters (Tina Kastelic and Ines Gergorić) demonstrated how transforming teaching and learning is vital for the challenges of our time. A lifelong learning perspective, including the training of teachers was the main focus of the workshop.

Training topics:

  • Introduction to the concept of digital compass
  • Competences for digitization and remote talent recognition
  • The importance of digital skills for remote talent management


Expected effects and follow up

Due to current circumstances (COVID-19) education and training has changed drastically. Nonetheless, people have never been more important to organizations (or school environment) and employee well-being has come to the top of the agenda. Teaching and learning in the digital age has also created new opportunities for learning and development, acting as a pillar in talent management to attract and retain employees, but also in the scope of a school learning environment.

Selected topics were addressed with the purpose of providing basic guidelines for remote talent management using digital tools. Participants were introduced to the needed competencies for digitization and identification of remote talents and the importance of digital skills for remote talent management. The attendees had a chance to share their experiences with this new reality and had a chance to think about changing the way of operating in a digital education.

Digitalne veščine v izobraževanju, 13.4.2021

4STEPS_D.T2.2.3 Digital skills in education 13.4.2021

VABILO_SRIP Digitalne veščine v izobraževanju - upravljanje s talenti na daljavo 13-4-2021