International Lynx Day 2020
in your home as well as in Central Europe

International Lynx Day


On-line events: 11.6. and onward

  • Premiere of short documentaries in several languages: English, Czech, Slo, Italien, German
  • Lynx quizzes on partners social media NP Šumava, ALKA Wildlife, Green Harz of Europe, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic etc.
  • On-line seminar with Tereza Minarikova In Czech
  • premiere of new song from Cassandra Steen here

Map and list of off-line events:


  • "Lynx in the waiting room" - lynx brochure in Austrian doctor's waiting rooms. Have someting nice to read while you are waiting for your appointment ;-)      (from 11.6.)
  • Za rysem na Libín - the walk in lynx teritory with Josefa Volfová (6.6.)
  • Lynx day in ZOO Ljubljana (11.6.)
  • Rysí výprava do Brd s Toulavým spolkem-  short walk in lynx teritory (6.6.)
  • Rysí vycházka do Novohradských hor s Toulavým spolkem - short walk in lynx teritory (13.6.)
  • New geocatching point in Czech Republic - Brdy (11.6.)
  • Lynx outside exposition in Prague (from 30.6.)

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