ENTeR focuses on waste reduction to prevent depletion of non-renewable resources in the textile industry. It will strengthen the innovation capacity of textile companies in central Europe, improve sustainable links among industrial textile areas and foster closer cooperation on waste management and circular economy. The project partners are located in five central European countries with a relevant presence of the textile industry and with a national textile platform each. The project aims to accelerate cooperation between the involved textile territories, promoting a joint offer of innovative services by the main local research centres and business associations (‘Virtual Centre’).

It will also involve public stakeholders in defining a strategic agenda and related action plan to drive circular economy considerations and actions. The approach of the project is oriented to the management and optimisation of waste, in a life cycle design (or eco design) perspective. The aim is to demonstrate the benefit of an operational collaborative model amongst research and business partners, based on an online tool and shared skills focused on waste eco design and resource efficiency.


December 2018


Strategic Agenda: first overview

An important new chapter of cooperation for the project officially opened, defining the Strategic Agenda on Textile Waste Management and Recycling: a common vision for the partners, objectives and priorities in a perspective of improving the management of textile waste in the medium-long term.

Project Partners

Project ENTeR has 10 partners from 5 central European countries

Project duration

Start Date

July 2017

End Date

June 2020











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