#digitalLIFE4CE goes capitalisation 

Pinkafeld, 26. June 2019

We are almost at the end of our extensive digitalLIFE4CE “project journey”. This means the project started with the last period. At this stage the main aim of the project partnership is to capitalize the project results, extend the impact of the project and to ensure long-lasting anchoring.

Capitalisation is an important element in the digitalLIFE4CE project, therefore the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland developed an individual capitalization strategy. The strategy aims to disseminate and support the re-usage of the results, generated knowledge and outcomes of the digitalLIFE4CE project. In addition, the capitalisation process will anchor the digitalLIFE4CE networks to complementary projects and existing EU structures in order to achieve sustainability.

The partnership organized several “cap &com” meetings with stakeholders and representatives from our broad target group in order to ensure long lasting usage and sustain anchoring of digitalLIFE4CE project outcomes. The outcomes of the capitalization meetings were amazing. The partnership received great support from different stakeholders and important policy makers. The first outcomes of the capitalization procedure in numbers:

  • capitalization potential of 10 digitalLIFE4CE outcomes was identified
  • 15 direct beneficiaries of the capitalization process were acknowledged
  • 12 relevant stakeholders in the regions were identified
  • 15 strategic stakeholders involved
  • 9 synergistic follow-up initiatives were started
  • 57 stakeholders were involved in 10 capitalization meetings
  • 7 letters of support were signed with relevant stakeholders in order to demonstrate the willingness to capitalize the digitalLIFE4CE outcomes

 The first capitalization workshop in Leipzig on 13. June 2019 was a great success. Gesundheitsforen Leipzig hosted the workshop and ensured a fruitful discussion between the project partners. The final capitalization agreement includes following activities, which will go beyond the project´s end:

  • transfer of the digitalLIFE4CE learning hub including the learning materials to follow-up projects
  • extension of the digitalLIFE4CE think tank to synergistic projects
  • further development of the digitalLIFE4CE transnational network
  • dissemination of the catalogue with best practice concepts and models of the digitalLIFE4CE project

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According to the motto: Let the journey never end, the project partnership is working on nine follow-up initiatives in order to extend the impact of the digitalLIFE4CE project. 

by Alexandra Weghofer