#cooperationiscentral: digitalLIFE4CE and COOP4HEAHLTHCARE connect

Pinkafeld, 2. April 2019

AAL Weltenmodell

Joint efforts are more effective than single actions. Therefore, the digitalLIFE4CE project consortium established a strong cooperation basis with the Interreg SI-AT project COOP4HEAHLTHCARE. 

In order to foster the integration and digitalization in health care systems, the cooperation alliance established an innovative concept. The “AAL-Welten-Modell” offers a systematic approach to identify the needs of elderly people in assisted living facilities with regard to active and assisted living solutions. The model is assessing the end user needs and preferences or expectations on AAL systems and digital technologies. Moreover, the concept includes different areas and aspects of the elderly population and all involved parties. The aim is to visualize and classify the real end user needs with a standardized questionnaire. The outcome of the AAL-Welten-Questionnaire shows the area of living in which technical assistance is desired and needed and helps to deduce product proposals.

Further potential fields of application are in nursing homes and development of assisted living units as well as the design of active assisted products. The structure of the model ensures hands-on AAL interventions, which are based on the needs of the elderly population. The most important benefit is that the human being and his or her needs as well as all relevant environments, are taking the centre stage.

by Alexandra Weghofer