"Train the Trainer" workshop

Rzeszow Regional Development Agency was the host for the International workshop, titled "Train the training". The event was organized in one of the newest object located in the center of Rzeszów - Hotel Rzeszow.


During  these two-days workshop, we have discussed the most important isuues that now our project is going to face. We started the first day with the presentation of the goal and importance of our workshop and the whole meeting in general.


On the first day, we have also discussed the rules of services and tools development. In that part, all partners had a chance to present their feedback about that subject. Later, we had pretty nice and inspiring time where the idea of CROWDFUNDING was presented.


The second day of the workshop was concentrated on our mediators. We had laboratory time, where we tried to get answers for the most important questions:

1. How to design the local training courses in each area

2. How to create a Community of Practice (CoP) for valorizing ICH assets for local sustainable development.

During the second part of our laboratory actions, our project Leader, had a chance to present Entribu platform.


The last part was touching the rules of our competition. Here, we discussed criteria to select Intangible Cultural Heritage projects for the pilot actions and discussion concerning the concrete proposals by the partners.

That was really exciting and inspiring time for us.

Thank you everyone for any kind of help and support that we received from you.