Study visit at Magdeburg Habour Logistics Center - Germany:

The representatives of TRANS TRITIA project partners participated in study visit in Magdeburg Harbor, logistic centre. This centre for the study visit was not chosen randomly, because its services are based on:

- trimodality, i.e. interconnection of road, rail and water transport,
- development projects in the field of green energy,
- publicly available services and its majority ownership of the city (95%).
Technical measures (lock chambers and gates) enable year-around loading of cargo from/to rail, water, and road. And at the same time, it protects the centre from a higher water level on the river Elbe. The technical achievements of water infrastructure include the elevated crossing of waterways (Mittelland Kanal and Elbe river) and water lift also.
Knowledge and inspiration from this study visit will be used in the activities of the TRANS TRITIA project.