REFREsh tackles the main challenges of rural areas in CE regions. Unused industrial heritages exist which need a revitalisation and a new form of use. The main objectives of REFREsh are to reutilize industrial heritages through new forms of creative use and attract new creative actors for valorise the industrial heritage in cooperation with actors from trade and service sector.

The projects transform industrial heritages into cultural centres for creative scene as starting point for development of the industrial areas, Municipalities and regions in Central Europe.

The Project will develop benchmarking tools, regional strategies and test the new approach in five pilot actions. To reach a critical mass of creative actors and to foster transnational cooperation of the creative scene the project plans to organise exhibitions, cultural events and creative workshops.

The project is linked to specific objective 3.2 by improving capacity and valorising of old-industrial heritages and foster integration of creative scene.

By showing successful approaches for reutilization of industrial heritages for cultural purpose and integration of creative scene tested in pilot actions, the aim is to give industrial heritages a new use to useful areas which bring value to the whole rural region.

In a long term effect and by adapting the tested approaches also in other rural areas in Central Europe old industrial heritages will be reutilized and creative scene integrated rural areas. So the cultural heritage is maintained and is sustainable used.


  • PP1 Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH (DE) 
  • PP3 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pecs-Baranya (HU)
  • PP4 Local government of Komló (HU)
  • PP5 Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia (SI)
  • PP6 Municipality of Piran (SI)
  • PP7 Venetian Heritage Cluster (IT)
  • PP8 Municipality of Castello di Godego (IT)
  • PP9 Primorje-Gorski Kotar County (HR)
  • PP10 Municipality of Lokve (HR)

 ASSOCIATE: Stadt Freiberg, Saxonia, Germany


REFREsh - Rural revitalisation for cultural heritage...

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