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Project ideas

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  1. Hydrogen Fuel Cell busses and refuse trucks fuelled by hydrogen produced from Municipal and Commercial Waste / tresoil.biofuels@gmail.com
  2. / nicola.loda@regione.emilia-romagna.it
  3. / projectmanager@biomasa.sk
  4. 21st Century Skills for Youth Social Innovation / lelovics@dci.sk
  5. A RIVER TO RIDELandscapes Communities Nature Trails / alberto.cagnato@tin.it
  6. Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem / saverio.deredita@friulinnovazione.it
  7. APP_ILL “Transnational Network for Appropriate Innovations Living Labs” - Smart Specialization and Innovation in Rural Areas / emanuelegiusti@yahoo.it
  8. ARRIVAL REGIONS / t_leibert@ifl-leipzig.de 1
  9. BIOCLIMATIC PARK / project@biomasa.sk
  10. CE MADE: Craftspeople and artisans in the Central Europe region for commercialisation of handmade goods / kontakt@ipe2020.pl
  11. Circular Economy Implementation upon Progressing from Low-carbon Energy Production to Bio-based Industrial Symbiosis in Central Europe – CE4CE / mateja.percic@ki.si
  12. City Water Circles - Urban Cooperation Models for promoting rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse to boost water efficiency in Central European functional urban areas / szokolay.ors@zuglo.hu
  13. Climate-proof Water Stewardship in Central Europe (working title) - WaterStewards / kun.zoltan@innosystem.hu
  14. Climbing village (location) / simon.budsky@3Pconsulting.cz
  15. Collaborative development and implementation of sustainable business model innovations in urban areas ( will not be further developed) / fiedler@isw-gmbh.de
  16. Community-financed Renewable Energy Investments (CREdIT) / lestal@energiaklub.hu
  17. CRAMM – Cultural Route of the Architecture Modern Movement / luigi.biocca@itabc.cnr.it
  18. CyclONE - Discovering and promoting natural heritage through integrated innovative tool / szabo.tunde@hbmo.hu
  19. DOREEN - DeplOying the laRgE potENtial of the health sector to foster fall prevention and independent living / olaf.mueller@uniklinikum-dresden.de
  20. Eco Industrial Parks in Central Europe / eine@eine.it
  21. Electro mobility / sebastian.graetz@leipzig.de
  22. EnCoDesign Collaboration between public bodies and citizen energy groups in implementing local energy strategies in Central and Eastern Europe / mak@starfishenergy.org
  23. Energy Management of Small and Medium Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) / kontakt@ipe2020.pl
  24. ENER-TAG Energy Transport and Agriculture: planning a model for Circular Economy / jonathan.rossetti@fondazioneitl.org
  25. ENVIRONVILLAGE - Development of models of advanced manufacturing systems using recycled materials in local municipalities and their pilot application in selected partner regions / livia.klimentova@gmail.com
  26. Green Industrial Parks – a planning perspective / matthias.mossbauer@em.mv-regierung.de
  27. GTogether (Generations together) / sebo@ddtg.eu
  28. Healing Places The natural and natural heritage of Central European SPA resorts as the driver for local and regional development. / magdalena.belof@irt.wroc.pl
  29. HEritage and Digital Innovation Hub (HEDIH) / giuseppe.manzella@ettsolutions.com
  30. HIDDEN TREASURES IN CENTRAL EUROPE / nicola.loda@regione.emilia-romagna.it
  31. IDEALCity - Integrated Disciplines for Environment-Adaptive Living in smart Cities / cristina.collini@fondazione.polimi.it
  32. Inclusive social innovation knowledge transfer in disadvantaged groups / judit.makkos-kaldi@ssr-wien.gv.at
  33. Innovation ecosystem for smart elderly care (I-CARE) / marko.rupcic1982@gmail.com
  34. Integrated policies for the preservation and valorisation of European rural landscapes / giulio.volpi@starterweb.it
  35. Knowledge Base in the field of water transport in Central Europe / h.polcik@upcpoczta.pl
  36. Leveraging touristic potential of European cultural heritage through high tech - HERITAGE 4.0 / goran.zivec@krasenkras.eu
  37. LiQuiD (Life Quality Design) / k.sliwamartinez@gmail.com
  38. LocKETs Local demonstrator centers for development of Key-Enabling-Technologies skills / elenacasiraghi.ec@gmail.com
  39. LOGICON - Logic connection of small villages to main roads in Central Europe / kiss@ifka.hu
  40. MOP - Management of outer parts of protected landscape areas and national parks due to equal distribution of visitors in touched region / hartych@masceskysever.cz
  41. museum Tastes and Smells of the Central Europe. Tradition, Identity and Inspiration of modern museums in 21st century society. / vyzkum@nzm.cz
  42. MUSICEC - Mutualization of Services for Innovation of Central Europe Clusters / luca.galeasso@envipark.com
  43. NaturPark Preservation and sustainable use of our natural heritage with and for local communities in nature parks of Central Europe / borbalazs79@gmail.com
  44. PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER Supportive Network of Charging Points for Electric Mobility / rita.pizzi@unimi.it
  45. Protection, preservation and promotion of industrial heritage in Central Europe / lucija.staut@rra-zasavje.si
  46. PUBLIC WATERWAY - Improvements in inland waterway public transport / kiss@ifka.hu
  47. RAINROAM (RAINFALL ROAD RUNOFF MANAGEMENT) / alzbetaxiv@hotmail.com
  48. SACSESS - Single Atom Control for Sustainable Energy Smart Strategies / vesselli@iom.cnr.it
  49. SAFE_4E- Sustainable safety and energy efficiency improvement for Central Europe through quadruple cooperation / icvitkovic@arhitekt.hr
  50. SHARE_IT - Source sharing platform for innovative SMEs (crowdfunding +) / achrystowska@arrsa.pl
  51. SIM4Urban Sustainable and Integrated Management of utility infrastructure for functional URBAN areas / sapio@gesp.it
  52. SoDiCe – Social Digital Class for the future Entrepreneurs / petra.cisarova@dex-ic.com
  53. Support SME competitiveness through clusterhouses / zoltan.frater@klaszterhaz.hu
  54. WATER footprint sustainability Assessment to improve the integrated management Capacity of water in central Europe regions (WATERACE) / wieslaw.fialkiewicz@upwr.edu.pl
  55. WetlandMonitor / jchmieleski@hnee.de