Project name 21st Century Skills for Youth Social Innovation
Objective Objective 1.2
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim Aim of the project is to improve “21st century skills” of young people in our region with special regard to those crucial for enhanced employability, entrepreneurial attitudes and skills, socially and economically valuable attributes and experiences. More than 10 million students are currently in institutions of higher education in countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Eurostat, Pravda Report, Knoema numbers for 2012). It is generally argued that education and training programs do not do enough to nurture entrepreneurial attitudes and skills, but rather prepare students for paid employment, despite some recent improvements in this area (Potter, 2008). In addition, researches in these fields show that young people see self-employment and entrepreneurship as successful solutions for youth unemployment, in average double as high as national averages.
Objectives of the project are to exchange knowledge and experience of the project partners; to develop common recommendations, education material and curricula in “21st century skills building for youth social innovation and entrepreneurship”; and to distribute these results to relevant stakeholders, with special regards to universities and policy makers.
Based on an experience of more than seven highly successful years of the Social Impact Award, we will contribute to this major challenge in transforming a program into a platform and a movement that offers both online and offline 21st century skills for young entrepreneurs.
Results Knowledge and experience in capacity building of young people for the new global economy of 21st century will be collected and documented from project partners; curricula and material for training and university courses will be developed and tested; and awareness of relevant policy makers about new skills needed for the 21st century’s new global economy will be increased.
Planned project outcomes:
1. Enhanced employability among young people / students equipped with entrepreneurial attitudes, skills, socially and economically valuable attributes and experience.
2. Raised awareness about local and international opportunities of entrepreneurship for social good.
3. Youth enterprises developed.
4. Young people provided with social capital, and access to relevant communities and networks.
Cost approx. 2.5 mil. EUR
Duration 36 months (expected start in August September 2018)
Partners involved Social Impact Award (SIA) / Impact Hub Vienna, AT
Aurora Coworking, SI
Impact Hub Budapest, HU
Rozbehni sa!, SK
WU Vienna, Competence Center for Nonprofit Organisations and Social Entrepreneurship, AT
Social Entrepreneurship Akademie Munich, D
Partners requested We are looking for a Polish partner for (1) implementing an accelerator program in social entrepreneurship for young people and (2) promoting social entrepreneurship as means for solving societal problems and employing young people.
Innovation The project will support international networking and cooperation of innovative approaches in increasing youth entrepreneurial skills and will promote social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Central Europe increase it’s recognition and longterm support at policy and decision making levels.
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