Project Ideas

Natural and cultural resources

Strategic Tool for Integrated environmental MAnagement of urban transformations across Central Europe FUAs

Objective 3.3

Last Update: 04. 12. 17

Low carbon cities and regions

Consumption analysis and enhancement of energy efficiency of public ICT infrastructure - CAnEEE-ICT

Objective 2.1

Last Update: 24. 10. 17

Innovation and knowledge development

Support SME competitiveness through clusterhouses

Objective 1.1

Last Update: 09. 03. 17

Innovation and knowledge development

INTEGRAS Integrating Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Society and Labour Market Through Social Innovation

Objective 1.2

Last Update: 07. 11. 17

Transport and mobility

PUBLIC WATERWAY - Improvements in inland waterway public transport

Objective 4.1

Last Update: 25. 07. 17