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Slovenian SME Workshop  #3

16th January 2018


We would like to invite you to 3rd Slovenian crowdfunding workshop:  'Creating content for your next campaign'!

Focus of the 3rd workshop is to discuss following issues:
1.) What content do I need for a successful campaign?
2.) How important is video?
3.) How to prepare the content for your campaign?
4.) Why it's important to think about content flow, titles, copy...?
5.) What content do I need during and after the  campaign?

Workshop will be organized on 16th January 2018, 18:00, at NLB Center Inovativnega podjetništva, Trg Republike 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

eCentral: Launch Conference

18 January, Velenje, Slovenia

Launch Conference and Peer Review Workshop

Take note in your new agenda for 2018!

On 18 of January 2018, Municipality of Velenje and the Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Region (KSSENA) will organise the First Launch Conference and Press Conference with national and local journalists aiming to inform the public about the project and to communicate the possibilities to get involved in eCentral project through Regional Working Groups. The core point of the event is to raise the awareness of the target audience about the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive which requires all new buildings to be Nearly Zero-energy by the end of 2020 and all new public buildings to be Nearly Zero-energy by 2018. 

In the afternoon hours, project partners will set together on Peer Review Workshop to discuss technical and financial results of nZEB Feasibility Studies and to share knowledge and experiences on best practices in innovative financing mechanisms for nZEB renovation of public buildings.

> Conference Agenda

For any additional information about the mentioned events, please sent a request to local partners:
Municipality of Velenje - ecentral@velenje.si,
KSSENA - mojca.plankelj@kssena.velenje.eu  

ProteCHt2save: Safeguarding Cultural Heritage from Natural and Man-made Disasters

23 January 2018, Krems, Austria

Joint Communication Event in the framework of Interreg Central Europe ProteCHt2save and Contract EAC-2016-0248

Disasters and catastrophes greatly impact on the future wellbeing of our heritage assets, with each incident diminishing their cultural significance, historic, physical and artistic value to some degree or other. Such events also pose a significant threat to the safety of occupant and users and, inevitably, directly and adversely affect the livelihood of local communities.
Research outcomes and policy actions should be better integrated to enhance the capacity of the public and private sectors to mitigate against the combined impact of climate change, and manmade and natural hazards on cultural heritage sites, structures and artefacts. A call is made to adopt a comprehensive transnational approach to implement national, regional and local strategies through tailored and feasible preparedness measures, including evacuation, in the event of emergencies occurring.
The main objective of this event is to present an overview on the progress of current relevant European studies and initiatives on Cultural Heritage Risk Management. It also aims to increase the awareness, need and requirement of stakeholders and policy makers who are involved in disaster risk reduction processes to become more integrated in their overall approach and ameliorating intentions.

More details and programme: HERE

SURFACE: Launch Event

24th January. Kempten, Germany

Project launch event taken at Recycling Center of Kempten - Kaufhaus Kempodiom (Re-Use Shop/Center)

A press conference will launch SURFACE project

An introduction of SURFACE will be presented by Project Leader (ATM)
Project Partner REUSE will introduce audience with Re-Use practices, policies and perspective on EU level
Project Partner ZAK will portray future plans in Kempten


TOGETHER: National Conference

7 February, Treviso, Italy

Take note in your new agenda for 2018!

Next 7 February 2018 the national event dedicated to the project CENTRAL EUROPE TOGETHER and the project MED EDUFOOTPRINT will take place in Treviso!

The conference – organized within the framework of two ongoing European projects: the first one under the Interreg Central Europe Programme, the second one under the Interreg Mediterranean Programme, both of them coordinated by the Province of Treviso – aims at communicating at a nationwide audience what is the state of the art of the projects in Treviso and their possible regulatory and policy implications. On the other hand, the event promotes a fruitful exchange of experiences among subjects that for various purposes (such as research, didactic, professional, entrepreneurial purposes) are reflecting on the topics related to behavioural change and its impact to accelerate time or reduce costs of energy efficiency in the various uses of energy - with a specific reference to lighting and heating of public buildings.

Click here to download the agenda of the event (in Italian)

Click here to download the registration form (in Italian)

Partner Meeting in Innsbruck

Register: sacher@atm.or.at

RAINMAN: 2nd transnational partner meeting

21. - 22. February, Prague

Info coming soon...

CE452 Dynamic Light Specialist Event  

28th of February 2018, Brussels, Belgium 

On 28th of February 2018, LiTG organizes a specialist event as part of the EU funded project »INTERREG Central Europe CE452 »Dynamic Light«. The specialist event will:

  •  show strategies to integrate dynamic lighting into EN 13201 in order to harmonize national street lighting standards
  •  present innovative pilot solutions
  • give advice how to detect the users' needs

For members of European and national standardisation bodies, city representatives, members of the European parliament, manufacturer, provider of public lighting. 

A detailed agenda of the programm will be provided as soon as possible.

A light walk through Brussels showing innovative urban lighting installation after the presentations is also planned.

Register here.

 „Strassenbeleuchtung 2018"

28th of February to 1st of March 2018, Berlin, Germany 

DYNAMIC LIGHT was invited to present its approach to Dynamic Lighting and first project results at the Congress „Strassenbeleuchtung 2018“  in Berlin 1st of March 2018.  
Peter Schmidt and Saurabh Sachdev will report in their speech „Innovative dynamic Lighting Strategies- What does the user want?“ about the requirements of the users and practical planning tools in the process of implementing dynamic lighting. The conference „Strassenbeleuchtung 2018“ is focussed on staff member of municipalities and lighting service providers as well as planners and manufacturers.



18.-23.März 2018 in Frankfurt/M 


RAINMAN: 3rd Transnational Partner Meeting

13. - 14. June, Zagreb

Info coming soon...

11th LiTG Meeting

5.-6.June 2018 in Berlin

Urban and exterior lighting 

Presentation of Prof. Römhild, 5. June. 2018


LICHT 2018

 9.-12. September 2018 in Davos, Swiss

23rd European Light Congress
«CREATIVE LIGHTING SOLUTIONS» - The concrete use of new technologies in everyday life


6.-8. November 2018

Trade show of electrical engineering, electronics and lighting