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The project aims to develop and test novel approaches based on social innovation to integrate young refugees in rural areas affected by demographic change. Incoming refugees, many aged 25 and younger,... Login to read more

Objective 1.2

CRAMM – Cultural Route of the Architecture Modern Movement

The idea is mainly concerned with finding out an ideal cultural route that joins heritage areas and landmarks of the Architecture Modern Movement, which is a relevant cultural legacy of Central Europe... Login to read more

Objective 3.2

SIM4Urban Sustainable and Integrated Management of utility
infrastructure for functional URBAN areas

Central Europe shares a challenge triggered by urbanization where the utility infrastructure networks spread through
the functional urban areas without mutual coordination that results in their r... Login to read more

Objective 3.3

DOREEN - DeplOying the laRgE potENtial of the health sector to foster fall prevention and independent living

The project improves capacities of services of general economic interest in the field of patient-centred and integrated preventive care to deliver more efficiently and effectively health care and soci... Login to read more

Objective 1.2

Climate-proof Water Stewardship in Central Europe (working title) - WaterStewards

The project will address the climate-driven water scarcity challenge, which according to a recent World Bank report (entitled: High and Dry: Climate Change, Water and the Economy ) might cost some reg... Login to read more

Objective 3.1

LiQuiD (Life Quality Design)

The main objective of the project is to raise the competences and skills of SMEs in delivering new and useful services in life quality sector in EU medium-sized cities. The expected change will be vis... Login to read more

Objective 1.2

Eco Industrial Parks in Central Europe

The project idea starts from the Eco Industrial Park (EIP) as a concept to promote Industrial Symbiosis and Industrial Ecology paradigms in CE. The EIP is an industrial park where business stakeholder... Login to read more

Objective 3.3

Landscapes Communities Nature Trails

The aim is to improve the integrated environmental management capacities of a river basin:
a. considering the landscape as a factor in integrated management and economic development of the whole ... Login to read more

Objective 3.1

Support SME competitiveness through clusterhouses

The aim of our project is to support SME competitiveness through providing them goods and services through clusterhouses. These cluster houses will also provide a platform for incubator houses. The ba... Login to read more

Objective 1.1

Supportive Network of Charging Points for Electric Mobility

The project addresses on one hand the global need of a rapid shift to electric mobility, on the other hand the impressive lack of charging stations that prevents this progress. Thus the project is di... Login to read more

Objective 2.3