Work Package 3 - Strategies for Intervention at European, Regional and Local Level

The objective of Work Package 3 is to demonstrate how transnational (Work Package 1), regional (Work Package 2) and local (Work Package 3) green infrastructure assessment can be used to develop strategies and action plans that fit strategically, improve functionality of green infrastructure and meet specific local needs.. As a precondition for the invention of a public benefit assessment procedure in this work package a third, local, level of assessment is developed, one that takes into account specific local needs and maximises the public benefit from green infrastructure intervention and identifies threats, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities related to the green infrastructure resource. By developing together and testing the public benefit assessment in their nine case study areas across the five regions, in conjunction with local stakeholders and associated partners, the partners will identify priority areas and actions and produce green infrastructure strategies/action plans. All of these green infrastructure strategies/action plans will be informed by the assessments methods and evidence gained in Work Package 1/Work Package 2 thus ensuring a strategic fit within the wider green infrastructure network and will demonstrate the multiple benefits of a green infrastructure approach and provide a sound case for investment in green infrastructure enhancement & decision-making. The nine case study areas that are a constant throughout the work packages cover a variety of scales and different green infrastructure types and uses. Strategies/action plans will reflect the differing needs and opportunities within those case study areas. This Work Package has three key outputs, firstly the evidence-based and valid strategies and action plans for each partner case study area, secondly the Manual for Developing Evidence-Based Green Infrastructure Strategies and Action Plans using transnational, regional and local green infrastructure assessment based on the experiences and lessons learnt in developing the strategies/action plans and thirdly it will provide training in the green infrastructure transnational (Work Package 1), functional (Work Package 2) and local assessment approaches and the Manual for Developing Evidence-Based Green Infrastructure Strategies and Action Plans.


Nine green infrastructure strategies and/or action plans

These strategies and/or action plans will be developed for each of the nine case study areas. They will build upon and also be directed by the information from work packages 1 and 2. Each area has its own specific green infrastructure issues and opportunities. These plans will concentrate on how functionality can be best improved at the local area. Issues such as user-pressure, invasive species, loss of habitat and connectivity, cross-border management alignment, and how best management can increase public benefit will be all covered. Stakeholder involvement and consultation are key aspects of plan development and adoption.

Manual for Creating Evidence-Based Strategies and Action Plans - A tool supporting local planning

Following the production of green infrastructure strategies and action plans by the partners and subsequent feedback of experiences a manual will be produced to demonstrate how to use green infrastructure assessment to guide the development of evidence-based strategies/action plans and aid in decision-making for local planning policies and actions, targeting investment at the local level where it delivers the greatest return on investment in terms of public benefit.

Training in the use of the tools

Training in the use of the manuals will be provided for all participating stakeholders and associated partners. Training for external non-participating stakeholders will be made available via internet-based training webinars.

Work Package Leader - Gian Luigi Rossi- Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development,

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