The training material uploaded by Treviso, Maribor, Hegyvidek, Paks and EAV represents the complete translation of the transnational training material, which is going to be further increased and made available as the training proceeds at local level. As for the training material uploaded by SIEA, PNEC and Zagreb, it is partial and the complete translation in the respective native languages is going to be uploaded as soon as it is available. 

Material of the training in Treviso_IT

Treviso national didactic toolbox_IT

EAV national didactic toolbox_CZ

Zagreb national didactic toolbox_HR

Material of the training in Poland_PL

PNEC national didactic toolbox_PL

SIEA national didactic toolbox_SK

Hegyvidek national didactic toolbox_HU

Paks national didactic toolbox_HU

Maribor national didactic toolbox_SLO

Material of the training in Zagreb_HR