Project Partners

The intangible cultural heritage of food is an enormous yet underestimated resource. Central European cities and regions use gastronomy to promote tourism but hardly ever as a resource that can leverage environmental sustainability and social integration. The SlowFood-CE project will improve the capacities of local actors to valorise the intangible heritage of food in line with a vision of integrated economic, environmental and social sustainability. The project connects public and private actors from five central European cities to promote the ‘new gastronomy of slow food’ concept.

Slow Food is a multidisciplinary approach to food recognising strong connections between plate, planet, and people. The project will develop a model and various tools for the valorisation of traditional food and gastronomic cultural heritage. The partners will jointly test SlowFood-CE solutions in diverse urban spaces like heritage buildings, public markets, schools, historic and peri-urban rural districts. SlowFood-CE project activities will demonstrate how gastronomic cultural heritage can be integrated into relevant urban sector policies.

Start Date

June 2017

End Date

May 2020


More information will follow soon.