Enlarged Transfer Programme

An opportunity for non partner organisations to join SULPiTER

The SULPiTER Enlarged Transfer Programme (ETP) aims at  developing a direct dialogue with at least 20 non partner authorities from the Central Europe Programme Area. Through the call the project intends to identify stakeholders competent for freight transport and logistics in Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) and involve them in a training programme to improve their understanding and skills in policy making for urban energy efficient freight in a mutual learning process.

If you are interested in participating in the proposed programme and you are look for opportunities to increase your knowledge and operational capacities towards SULP development, please apply online at the following URL: 


The deadline for applying is extended to October 15th, 2017.

In case the candidate is a research organization, it must prove the influence with one of the institutions categorized above by providing an additional Letter of Support (LoS) signed by the relevant Institution. Letters of support should be sent within the deadline to euprojects@cei.int.

Click here to download the SULPiTER ETP Methodology.

For the letter of support click here.