In the beautiful venue of the Palladian Palazzo Cordellina on the Energy saving and sustainable lifestyles Day, Vicenza is organizing the 1st public event to present to its citizens the sustainable urban mobility strategies included in SOLEZ Action Plan. 
The event is one of the initiatives organized by the municipality as part of a large radio raising awareness campaign named “M’illumino di meno” (“I am enlightened less “) that since 14 years is the most popular and spread campaign on sustainable lifestyle all over Italy.

In particular, this year the main theme of the initiative is the ”beauty of walking”, as a way to save and preserve the Earth/(ground) down our feet with “gentle” ways of mobility.
Among all strategies that will be presented during the conference, we will talk about Pedibus or Kiss&Go (initiative to foster a guided walking home-school path) or more sustainable home-work paths.