RIJEKA pilot

Engaging citizens in creation of Citizen Collaboration Platform – CCP

Thematic fields: SOCI - Population and society, REGI - Regions and cities, GOVE – Government and public sector


The purpose of the project is to create interactive system where citizen can participate in decision making process regarding utilization of public infrastructure (Citizen Collaboration Platform – CCP).

Platform should have two main components:

  1. Citizen Collaboration Platform – to assure communication and interaction with citizens (collecting ideas, ranking, publishing results, etc.);
  2. Facility management (GIS platform) – to identify available free real estate owned by City of Rijeka, map them, connect with citizen ideas and proposals.

Project team must conduct a variety of research in Rijeka to identify public urban spaces that need decorating or have the potential to respond to the needs of city residents. All available spaces will be mapped and introduced into Facility management system

Planned studies will have two dominant approaches. A group of researchers of the Department of Urban Development and Association of architects will conduct a scientific expert research which will identify problems and given suggestions of improving public space with a comprehensive view of the city from the perspective of urban planning.

Using Citizen collaboration platform, on the other hand, we will explore the way in which residents refer to the city as well as sites that are important to them. Primary sources will be online pools, direct talks with citizens, associations, neighbourhood councils.


Larger view approach including Primorsko-goranska County as a stakeholders and not only the City of Rijeka.

The project is perceived as a high priority by the City of Rijeka Leadership and therefore will have continued, visible support from all levels of management throughout the project lifecycle.

Furthermore, the municipality is the main interface for the pilot project team regarding the contact to the citizenry trough Citizen Collaboration Platform.


Project team will contact the citizens for participating in a first testing phase of the Citizen Collaboration Platform ‘CCP’ trough several NGO partners targeting different social groups (young persons, entrepreneurs and retired people) specifically:

  • Association for Civil Society Development SMART
  • Pensioner association of Rijeka
  • Junior Chamber International Rijeka

    Collected comments and ideas from NGO partners will be used for platform enhancements, citizens can further test the CPP online in 2018 and contribute to the further development of this platform.


The pilot will involve associations of citizens and cooperatives working interested in the adoption of participatory methods and digital inclusion coming from Rijeka and surrounding areas:

  • Citizenry of Rijeka: any citizen interested to contribute identifying and proposing new ideas how to use available free real estate owned by City of Rijeka.
  • Local economy of Rijeka, as (potential) users of the CCP platform for further development of citizen ideas.
  • Municipality of Rijeka, especially Town Planning Office, Office for Urban Development, Economic Development Department.
  •  Representatives of scientific institutions located in the Municipality of Rijeka (UNIRI – University of Rijeka) supporting the pilot in different ways.


List of the Pilot milestones with description:

  • M1        March 2017 - Pilot preparation
  • M2        March 2018 - 1st version of platform 
  • M3        October 2018 - Analysis of results obtained via participatory methods 
  • M4        November 2018 - Pilot platform implemented in their final form
  • M5        December 2018 - Pilot Evaluation 
  • M6        May 2019 - Finalization of transnational analysis


    Rijeka Pilot CCP


Rijeka pilot: World Café workshop with young citizens

Rijeka pilot: Workshop with elders and pensioners