Transnational study visits are on their way

Next May/June GreenerSites partners will be taking  part in 3 study visits to the brownfield sites of Lyon (La Vallée de la Chemie), Stuttgard (the Schoch area) and Vienna (Simmering Gaswork and Northern Railway Station).

All the selected areas represent relevant case studies, being redeveloped and involved in different remediation processes: the study visits therefore represent an important occasion for GreenerSites partners and stakeholders to increase their knowledge on brownfield management according a learning-from-other approach.

In the Chemical Valley (La Vallée de la Chemie) of Lyon, where the visit will take place next May, the Metropolitan City is carrying out a huge development process (started in 2014), concerning a vast economic and land renewal of a former industrial area. The redevelopment process includes a clean-up of land by phytoremediation and plans for the reuse of the site as an innovation business park. 

The Schloch site in Stuttgard, where the study visit will be also held in May, was a typical, heavily contaminated urban brownfield site, which urban development was blocked by high contamination and other negative impacts. Here, the Municipality is developing a large scale groundwater remediation procedure that can be a kind of "prototype solution" also applicable to many other sites.

In Vienna, EEA Environment Agency Austria will show two integrated landfill remediation projects: the Simmering Gaswork, the largest municipality gaswork facility in Austria transformed, thanks to a remediation project started in 2008, into a new city quarter (Vienna-Simmering), and the former Northern Railway Station, one of the most important inner-city development areas since 1994. The study visit in Vienna is scheduled for the beginning of June.

At the end of the study visits, all the participants will provide a short feedback report to be presented and shared also with the colleagues at home and with relevant stakeholders.