Disasters and catastrophes pose risks not only to the conservation of cultural heritage assets with its cultural, historic and artistic values, but also to the safety of visitors, staff and local communities. Additionally, they cause undoubtedly negative consequences for the local economies. The ProteCHt2save project contributes to an improvement of capacities of the public and private sectors to mitigate the impacts of climate change and natural hazards on cultural heritage sites, structures and artefacts. The project focuses primarily on the development of feasible and tailored solutions for building resilience of cultural heritage to floods and events of heavy rain.

It will help regional and local authorities to prepare measures and evacuation plans in case of emergencies.  ProteCHt2save will deliver ICT solutions (web-based inventory and maps) and tools (decision support tool, best practices manual, handbook on transnational rescue procedures) for risk management and protection of cultural heritage in central Europe. Pilot actions will test the approach and tools in  risk prone areas and areas with cultural heritage vulnerabilities to improve the existing disaster risk management plans and policies in municipalities.


Protection of Cultural Heritage in

Case of Special Threats -

Selected Aspects of Evacuation Persons and Collections

20 - 22 September 2017, Cracow - Poland

Experts in action

Experts in action

The international conference provided a lot of useful information and deep knowledge about the methods of securing and evacuating cultural heritages. The participants attended practical exercises as well, i.e. they could witness the evacuation of people and historical property from St. Mary's Church in Cracow.

Additionally, the conference conveyed information and novelties about: good and bad practices in the protection of cultural heritage, methods of evacuation, methods of preparation of cultural heritage for crisis situations, risks associated with movement of works of art.

Since the city of Cracow has the most cultural heritage in Poland, it has a wide array of experience about their protection.


Summer University Cultural Property Protection

21-25 August 2017, Danube University Krems - Austria 

Cautious work in progress

Cautious work in progress

The Summer University Cultural Property Protection, held at Danube University Krems from 21-25 August 2017, was dedicated to the emergency treatment for materials from archives and museums, affected inter alia by climate change induced floods. The participants developped a model evacuation plan for mobile cultural heritage and had the possibility to attend lectures given by international experts and to practice the proper evacuation and treatment of wet paper themselves.

    risk assessment and sustainable protection
of cultural heritage in changing environment

Start Date

01 July 2017

End Date

30 June 2020

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ProteCHt2save has 10 partners from 7 Central European countries