Po-Delta: Customs, Traditions and Know-How

Workshop weekend in the Po-Delta area – Emilia –Romagna Region, Italy,  with the project CULTURECOVERY !

11th - 13th May 2018

Intangible cultural heritage, transmitted from generation to generation, it is constantly recreated by communities and groups in response to their environment and their history. This gives them a sense of identity and continuity.

In this context, the Ecomuseum plays an important role not only in preserving the customs, traditions and know-how of the local community, but stands as a participatory activator of territorial development.

This will be discussed in the next weekend through the voice of local operators, true interpreters of the cultural heritage of our territories.

When: Weekend , Friday 11, Saturday 12  and  Sunday 13 May 2018
Where: Argenta, Bosco Mesola and Bagnacavallo

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Po Delta Workshop

Po Delta Workshop