Joint Midterm Conference of PROLINE-CE and CAMARO-D

June 12th to 13th 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Central Europe Project PROLINE-CE and the Danube Transnational Project CAMARO-D decided to present a joint midterm conference next summer to attract as much interest as possible on a similar topic. 

The welcome reception will start in the evening of June 12th 2018.
After the press conferences for both projects in the morning of June 13th the conference will introduce the projects PROLINE-CE and CAMARO-D as well as their already received results to the audience. In the afternoon a panel discussion on specific project-related topics will give the opportunity to all participants to gain more information, to discuss the approach as well as the progress of both projects and  to enhance their network for research and scientific work.

For the PROLINE-CE partners the whole event will include also the Steering Committee Meeting SM05 and the Project Team Meeting TM05 which will be held already on Tuesday noon, June 12th 2018.

For the CAMARO-D partners the event will continue with an excursion and the pilot management workshop 02 on Thursday, June 14th 2018.