Managing Green Infrastructure in Central European Landscapes

About the Project

‘Green infrastructure’ is a key strategy in the European landscape connectivity agenda aimed at reconnecting vital natural areas to urban hubs and restoring and improving their functional roles. It is an essential planning concept towards protecting natural capital and simultaneously enhancing quality of life. This approach, however, is not yet implemented in central Europe landscape planning policies, which seldom consider the ability of land to deliver multiple benefits. Click here for more information about the EU Strategy on Green Infrastructure. For a short film about green infrastructure and how it is relevant to our society, economies and well-being click here.

MaGICLandscapes will operationalise this concept in central Europe by providing land managers, policy makers and communities with tools and knowledge. This will help them to assess green infrastructure planning and conservation approaches, also taking into account the transnational level and ensuring that mismatched management approaches are reduced. Institutions will obtain the means to assess the public benefit that can be achieved through management approaches of green infrastructures and demonstrate how these assessment approaches are used to develop evidence-based strategies and action plans. 

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Our Objective

The main objective of MaGICLandscapes is to increase the capacities of institutions to improve the management of the green infrastructure resource and promote sustainable land-use, both in areas of high biodiversity and surrounding intensively used areas. This is in order to maximise its multiple socio-economic/environmental benefits and value for communities such as quality of life and environmental services and for the natural world such as ecological viability. This will be achieved through ensuring that land-managers, policy-makers and institutions such as planning and conservation bodies have sufficient information, tools including training in the use of those tools and data on which to base actions, policy, investments and interventions.

Going beyond traditional approaches to land-use planning, MaGICLandscapes will develop together with partners, associated partners and stakeholders a number of green infrastructure assessment tools that integrate transnational, regional and local assessment aspects, to include structure, functions and benefits and show how these multi-level approaches to assessment can guide strategies and action plans. It will raise awareness by articulating how green infrastructure management approaches can meet the needs/objectives/responsibilities of institutions and agencies and how public support can be achieved by recognising community green infrastructure needs within strategy and action plan development and provide targeted interventions for smarter investment.


Work Package 1

Concepts and Framework for Green Infrastructure Assessment

The first objective of this Work Package is to design a framework for green infrastructure assessment that identifies the specific informational needs regarding green infrastructure at the European, regional and local level and how adopting green infrastructure management approaches support European, territorial and local policies and objectives. This will be achieved by....READ MORE

Work Package 2

Green Infrastructure at European, Regional and Local Scale - Green Infrastructure Functionality Assessment 

The second thematic work package will concentrate on assessing the functional values of green infrastructure in the landscape; this includes protected and non-protected areas. Its objective is to develop and demonstrate green infrastructure assessment methods that gauge connectivity, functionality (in terms of landscape ecology i.e. cores, nodes, stepping stones etc.), and functionality in terms of.....READ MORE

Work package 3

Strategies for Intervention at the European, Regional and Local Level

The objective of Work Package 3 is to show how transnational , regional  and local green infrastructure assessment can be used to develop strategies and action plans that fit strategically, improve functionality of green infrastructure and meet specific local needs.. As a precondition for the development of a public benefit assessment procedure in this work package a third, local, level of assessment is developed, one that.....READ MORE

Case Study Areas

A key element of the project is the development and testing of the outputs in nine case study areas across the five participating countries of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Poland.

The case study areas cover a wide range of geographic types, from the mountains of Poland and Czech to the Po River valley in Italy. They contain core nature areas as well as non-protected land. They represent a wide variety of Central European landscapes, from the wild mountains to the peri-urban areas of our cities.

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Project Partners

10 Project Partners Across 5 Countries


Associated partners are vital to the successful implementation of the project, the development of its output and sustaining the results of the project.

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Project Duration

Start Date

1st July 2017

End Date

30th June 2020