LOW-CARB: Regional Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning for Functional Urban Areas: Improving Capacities to Lower CO2 Emissions

25 May, 2018

This workshop targets mobility planners (primarily regional authorities, city planners and public transport companies) with a view to exchanging knowledge and experience about integrated low-carbon mobility planning. It will raise participants’ capacities to set-up coordinated management structures in functional urban areas. Ultimately, through improved coordination, mobility planning and deployment of innovative technology, this workshop will contribute to emission and congestion reduction in Central Europe’s functional urban areas.

The event will take place from 0900 until 1500 at Otevřené zahradě (Open Gardens); Nadace Partnerství (Environmental Partnership Foundation); Údolní 33; 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic. Online: www.otevrenazahrada.cz

The draft agenda is now available here. Please click here to register.


Public transport in functional urban areas has a high impact potential for reaching the EU’s White Paper goals to cut transport emissions by 60 percent by 2050 and to halve the use of conventionally fuelled cars in urban transport by 2030.  The LOW-CARB project aims to enhance capacities for integrated low-carbon mobility planning for functional urban areas by tackling burning issues such as integrated coordination, institutional cooperation and action plan implementation including joint financing and public investments in low-carbon mobility systems in times of austerity.


LOW-CARB’s strategies, action plans, tools and pilot actions will reduce CO2 emissions by almost 60 000 tons by 2020. Strategies and pilot actions will reflect main challenges and new trends such as open data based mobility planning, integrated mobility platforms or implementation of low-carbon technologies in pilot actions, including an electric public transport feeder service or solar-powered e-bike charging stations to link public transport and shared mobility.



Strategies and
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LOW-CARB will be looking for 18 followers to ‘join’ the project from May 2018, when it issues an open call to towns, cities and regions. The project targets those in the Interreg Central Europe region with a keen interest in creating a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for their Functional Urban Area, developing pilot activities and/or gaining support through site visits. Willing candidates should be planning a SUMP or a relevant pilot. Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe envisages 18 site visits to LOW-CARB’s partner cities, each open to 2-4 persons with up to EUR 2,000 available per applicant. Mentoring visits will start in early 2019 and run until mid-2020.



Discover more about the LOW-CARB project with this pint-sized flyer entitled 'MAKING IT COUNT,' fresh off the press, October 2nd, 2017.

Dec. 2017: The ‘LOW-CARB’ Declaration represents a voluntary statement to embrace the project's objectives. Learn more via the 'Hall of Fame' here.

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