Environment Quality Fora
at their start

In the framework of the InAirQ project, Project Partners will establish local stakeholder groups, called Environment Quality Fora (EQF) in each partner city/region. The Environment Quality For a involve the representatives of the target groups and are composed of the most relevant 5-10 stakeholders, such as: municipal departments responsible for school buildings and/or public health, school managers, paediatricians, student and parent associations, Ministries of Health, NGOs etc. The composition of local EQFs will be tailored to the existing decision mechanisms in the partner areas.

Thus, the local Environment Quality Fora are the place where stakeholders, representing horizontal and vertical integrations, will be involved the strategy making process.

The meetings of EQFs, mediated by Project Partners, are aimed at encouraging target groups to contribute to the development, planning and implementation of the project outputs in a bottom-up approach. 

In the first meetings of Environment Quality Fora, Project Partners will share and discuss the results of the baselining activities, emphasising tools and actions applicable at the national level to ameliorate the health effects of air pollution. 

In this way, the relevance and practicability of the foreseeable outcomes will be enhanced. By engaging stakeholders, EQFs will connect different interest groups (public, education and health sector, building industry) to achieve, at the end of InAirQ project, a harmonised health policy. This will increase the potential to inform and influence policy-making on outdoor and indoor air pollution in a way which reflects the actual needs of human health and environmental quality.