Workshop on common narrative and management of the future European Cultural Route of Reformation

Workshop, project meeting and Steering Committee in Vienna  

After having determined which kind of Route the "European Cultural Route of Reformation" should be and which are its terms of reference, the partnership meets to define and finally decide upon the management structure of the Route to be and agree on the TAP, which will be bindingly signed in November in Erfurt as a culmination of the Policy Conference organized there. This extensive working and project meeting will take place in Vienna from the 9th until the 11th of October.

This meeting is an internal one, but some Associated Partners and crucial regional stakeholders, interested and willing to commit to the TAP from the very beginning will also have the opportunity of contributing to the definition of the Route's skeleton.

As usually, we will make available the results of our work in form of Deliverables on this website as soon as they are completed.