Output O.T1.1.1 Manual on dynamic lighting and social needs 

D.T1.1.1 Baseline inventory on light and safety demands and acceptance of different light qualities

D.T1.1.2 Joint monitoring tool for comparative demand analysis of user demands according to the social needs

D.T1.1.3 Demand analysis in different city areas. A structure of this deliverable is available here.

D.T1.1.4 Manual on dynamic lighting and social needs

Output O.T1.1.2 Manual on transferable technical solutions

D.T1.2.1 Baseline inventory on existing technical solutions

D.T1.2.2 Test implementation reports

D.T1.2.3 Manual on transferable technical solutions

 Output O.T2.1.1 GIS-based databases for municipalities

Output O.T2.3.1 Guidelines for urban planners on the integration of dynamic lighting into public lighting systems

Output O.T2.4.1 Guidelines on finding the suitable financial model for public lighting investments  

Output O.T2.6.1 Course curricula and training material on planning and implementing innovative lighting solutions

Output O.T4.2.1 Handbook about interpretation of EN 13201 and room for implementation of dynamic lighting