Dynamic Light Peer Review in Cesena

2nd - 4th October 2017

Within the framework of the Dynamic Light project, funded by the Central Europe Program, the Municipality of Cesena will host for the second time the student of the Master of Architectural Lighting Design, which in March 2017, had collected data to set up methodology for social needs analysis of urban public lighting in Cesena and in ​​the Ex Sugar Refinery pilot area. The second peer review visit will take place in Cesena from 2nd to 4th October 2017 with the main purpose of sharing the analysis results.

During the visit, technical meetings and panel will be organized with the municipal departments that have been involved in the social needs analysis and in particular: the Environment department, the Urban Development department, the Construction and Public Works department and the GIS department. 

Stakeholder meeting in Cesena

3rd October 2017

Within the second peer review visit of the student of the Master of Architectural Lighting Design, will be organized a second specific information event with the Committee “Zuccherivivo” on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, at 20.30. The Committee is composed by residents of the Ex Sugar Refinery pilot area in Cesena that has been activated since the early stages of the social needs analysis of the Dynamic Light project.

In the past months and in collaboration with the Municipality of Cesena, the Committee has actively contributed to the collection of data through the distribution of some questionnaires to identify specific needs, collect critical issues and future proposals to improve the urban lights in particular within green areas and pedestrian and cycle paths. The second information event will be the occasion to present to the Committee the results of the social needs analysis conducted by the Master student.

The meeting will also be attended by the Councilor for Environmental Sustainability and Europe Ms. Francesca Lucchi, who will introduce the evening with a focus on future energy policies and public lighting in the area and the pilot Dynamic Light projects in the Ex Sugar Refinery area. 


Preliminary project results prior to the final outputs are available here.

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