Implementation of the mid-term workhops

                                                                Mid-term workshop Saxony-Anhalt

The second pilot workshop of the Saxony-Anhalt team took place on 23 January 2018 in Schwarzheide. More than 120 representatives from the chemical industry, tranport logistics, politics and public administration from Germany and the Czech Republic discussed about the freight transport of tomorrow. The Chemmultimodal partners organised this workshop together with the Cottbus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the "ERFA KV" project in the BASF visitor center in Schwarzheide. In particular, the workshop offered a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences on the questions: 

  • What are the potentials and developments in multimodal transport?
  • Which routes already exist in the region and which ones can be further developed?
  • How can different modes of transport be bundled and multimodal transport realized in practice? 

In view of increasing congestions in freight road transport and the increasing shortage of skilled workers in transport logistics, the industry is becoming more and more interested in multimodal transport and thus in the EU project "ChemMultimodal". To this end, ChemMultimodal had the opportunity to present first results of its pilot project which is focused on identifying potentials for shifting transports from road to multimodal transport.

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Workshop in the premises of BASF Schwarzheide

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Project partners from Czech Republic and Saxony-Anhalt exchange ideas