The preservation of built heritage needs a model that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. The BhENEFIT project focuses on improving the management of historic built areas, combining the daily maintenance of historic heritage with its preservation and valorisation in a sustainable way. The project will look for novel solutions on how to evaluate the use and historical value of built areas and how to optimise building performances (its energy efficiency and structural behavioural increase). The project will also deliver a long-term perspective for minimising emergency actions through a comprehensive monitoring strategy, which is aimed at the planned preservation of cultural heritage. 

To implement such strategy, BhENEFIT will build management capacities, involve and coordinate relevant players from the public and private sectors and provide them with new innovative methodologies. The BhENEFIT methodology will be validated by 13 partners in eight different pilot areas, which are related to specific issues (earthquake, pollution, touristic flows, energy efficiency etc.). Moreover, new tools like action plans and ICT implementations will be customised to local needs.

More information will follow soon.