Central Europe has a high potential for deploying local and regional energy systems based on renewable energy generation and energy conservation but it is important to trigger bottom up initiatives improving energy efficiency approaches. Attention is being paid to the improvement of energy efficiency (EE) of existing buildings as they are accountable for large electric power consumption with an annual growth rate of around 4 percent. It is one of the major challenges for public authorities to reduce energy in existing public buildings without significant construction works. 

Therefore, public authorities need to be equipped with simple but useful tools and methodologies for proper energy management. The project aims to improve the governance of EE in existing public buildings and ultimately reduce energy consumption in different central European areas, especially those less advanced in low carbon approach.  For this purpose the OnePlace platform to transfer the knowledge to other regions of Europe will be developed. With the development and implementation of the 3D energy management system and pilot actions, the project will show an innovative approach towards energy auditing of buildings.

More information will follow soon.